The Little Coconuts

There was a tall coconut tree that lived on the seaside. Every day, it was growing slowly. It was a very long time since it had grown, but it had no fruits.

One sunny day, the coconut tree bore five little baby coconuts! They are Polly, Folly, Molly, Dolly and Holly. But it’s very sad because the coconut tree was too old and after a week, it was going to die.

The time goes fast and the coconut tree is dying. It said to the little coconut babies, “Kids, you are growing too. So, this is very important. You must make sure nothing grows on your body. Not even the most beautiful moss because things that are beautiful are always dangerous. Sometimes, the fruit seller will come and take you to some restaurants.”

“Okay!” the little coconuts smiled. “Mommy, we will remember that. Yeah! We are going to drop on the soft beach! Goodbye, Mommy!”

Then, they fell down the beach happily. “I’m afraid,” cried Dolly when it fell. “I want to go back to Mommy!”

“No, Dolly,” they yelled. “How about rolling all over there? It’s fun! C’mon, I want to roll! Go on, you knock me and I’ll be knocking other — what fun we would have!”

“Roll!” Holly screamed and knocked the others. “I’m going down the slope!” they played joyously and rolled over the wet beach.

When they played cheerfully, Dolly and Polly soon found the sea. “Wow, what a huge and magnificent thing! Can we play with it too?”

“Don’t touch it,” Folly scolded. “Mommy said that nice things are always dangerous. Oh, dear! Watch out! There’s a wave coming. Get out of that place, guys!”

But it’s too late, the little coconuts were flowed away with the strong wave. “It is dangerous,” said Polly as they floated on the surface of the sea. “We could be drifted to anywhere!”

They were drifting until night. At last, they were on an island, but very far from the place they were born. They were scared and lonely.

“Wait, I think I’ve got an idea,” said Polly suddenly. “Can’t we grow here? So that there are more coconut plants! That’s how we are going to survive here, right?”

They all agreed about Polly’s wonderful idea. Every day, they didn’t move and sleep at the beach. They didn’t wake up because some of the coconuts were very tired and some wanted to grow so they stayed quiet and never moved a bit.

Soon, the little coconuts transformed into some seedlings. They woke up and saw they have young leaves.

“Wow, look,” said Folly. “We are growing and none of us and coconuts anymore! Soon, we’ll have babies too!!!”

They lived happily ever after!

The Little Coconuts

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